Artist Statement


About the art

My paintings develop from images that I see in daily life that stimulate visual ideas. I experiment with these images in a free associative way, visualizing intuitively with my mind’s eye. The images I choose have a common frame of reference from nature and they have an iconic or metaphoric association.

Concepts form a basis for most of my paintings and they originate from common frames of reference such as the cycle of seasons and other phenomena of nature. I find the human experience often paralleled in nature. I use unusual scale, invented perspective, shadows, reflections as well as symbols and metaphors to construct a narrative picture of images seen from a new vantage point.

My previous shows at the Artery Gallery have been reflections of cultures, art history and mythology. I was exploring atmosphere, space and moods, as well as developing a layered technique of oil painting. The paintings were realistic images in abstract compositions, but the nature of the images and symbols were juxtapositions of meanings and references drawn from our cultural and art historical past.

Since I began painting 50 years ago, I have continually been fascinated and influenced by the metaphorical language of signs, symbols and myths. My earliest paintings in the 70s were of graphic signs and symbols drawn from pop culture and advertising. Then in the late 80s I began working with aspects of abstraction and then non-representational painting . My painting style shifted back and forth between the expressionistic and the geometric as I explored the possibilities of paint producing color, light, space and feeling. Beginning in the late 90’s, I gradually moved back toward more recognizable images

My education includes a BFA from Pratt Institute, study at The New School, Art Students League & Hull College of Art in England.  I lived in NYC for 40+ years where I had several one-person shows and was included in numerous group shows in NYC and internationally.  My work has been reviewed in major art magazines and press.